We had just the best time with Ali Spagnola and her friends Espree & Chris, and audience members Ben and Blake! Come listen to us talk SXSW, podcasting for “Profit,”  mouth tattoos, taco interviews, Patreon, and how to know yourself in your own grand adventure. Excellent time, so please come have a drink with us and download below!

Ali can be found @AliSpagnola, YouTube, and Vine
Also check out her debut playing Cards Against Humanity on TableTop!

Check out their friend Blake’s continued efforts to keep all mustaches dry: http://www.themoguard.com/

Chris’ apartment hunting site is here too: http://everythingaustinapartments.com

Espree is a busy “Girl who gets things done,” so you should follow ALL OF IT: @WomenInTechShow / @WeAreLATech / @TechZulu  / @SaveBizTime

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Download the episode here!