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Episode 178 – “Ombudsmaster”

Game of Thrones fact checkers, Preacher is awesome (so far), and Travis tries to pitch crossover movies. Also we just can't agree on which CW show is the worst. Come check it out! Have [...]

June 9th, 2016|Comics, Movies and TV, Semi-Award Winning|

Episode 126 – “Fever Dream”

The boys talk Game of Thrones, Daredevil, Utopia, HBO, and take a phone call about BODY CAMS. Yeah, snuck that one in there, huh! Thanks for the guys at the Tanndemonium Radio Show for the call, [...]

Episode 125 – “Guy Fieri Blasters”

Adam, Dylan, and Travis talk about pizza law, Trevor NoAH He DIDN'T, and give a run down of some of the greatest new TV shows that are basically already canceled. Come check it out! [...]

Episode 122 – “Romancing the Shark”

It's the first weekend of #SXSW2015 and the guys recap music, talk Sharknado and Phil Collins, and just have a great time of everything. Have a question? E-mail us at questions@drunkcastlive.com, or call us at [...]

March 19th, 2015|Movies and TV, Music, Semi-Award Winning, SXSW, SXSW 2015|

Episode 93 – “Dothraki Naturally Speaking”

[icons style="undefined" size="fa-1x" color="01749F" icon="fa-microphone"]   Episode 93 - "Dothraki Naturally Speaking"     01:01:00 [icons style="undefined" size="fa-1x" color="01749F" icon="fa-clock-o"] The crew talks Obama v. Austin BBQ, the official Sharknado II trailer, George R.R. Martin's promise, and [...]