One of my favorite people in Austin, comedian AVERY MOORE, [finally] comes by and she is just a delight! Come hear about her multi-show road trip with Louie Anderson, gravy worth drinking, Chrismas movies with John Lithgow, and the best parts of San Antonio, TX (hint: not the river walk). Come have a drink with us and go find her EVERYWHERE:

Avery also asked that we share the GoFund me page for Lashonda Lester’s family. Lashonda was one of the most incredible humans on the planet and she’s survived by an amazing family, so please consider donating anything you can to help them out.

Finally, Avery told us about this beautiful and kind dog, Beau, who has been at Austin Animal Shelter for over 200 days. If you have the room, find this guy a forever home!

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