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Episode 173 – “Float and Fall”

Batfleck, Civil War, Deadpool sequel and ZERO politics! We did it! Have a question? E-mail us at questions@drunkcastlive.com, or call us at 802.359.SHOT (7468) Download the episode here!

April 20th, 2016|Comics, Featured, Movies and TV, Semi-Award Winning|

Episode 163 – “The Ice Wall”

Wonder woman should be better respected, Zika conspiracies, and Flat Earthers are really a "thing?" SO MUCH, come check it out! Video of a young Ted Cruz Seriously, when you watch this, you'll swear [...]

Episode 138 – “Bushuru”

Donald Trump, International ROBOT FIGHT, Star Wars v Matrix Fever Dreams, AND so much more! Come check it out! If you are too young to know about BUSHURU, you can check that out HERE. Have [...]