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Episode 225 – “Pizza” w/ Zac Brooks

The very funny Zac Brooks stops by the show to recall his past, revisit old jokes, lay out the difficulties of showing porn at a bar, and plug the best looping app (on Android and [...]

July 6th, 2017|Comedians, The Best Podcast Ever|

Episode 210 – “Unlogic” SXSW 2017

We had a great SXSW, but we still had to do a podcast, so we let it hang loose! This week we talk conspiracy theories, how much Dylan hates the Irish, and how DrunkCast [...]

March 25th, 2017|Comedians, Current Events, Day Drinking w/Friends, SXSW, SXSW 2017|

Episode 207 – “Wood Touchers” w/JaceyTV

"The Sky is Blue and the Thirst is Real" Jacey David (aka JACEYTV) can't quit. On ONE of his stops for the day, he came by the show to talk persistence, being sincere, private [...]

March 2nd, 2017|Semi-Award Winning, Special Guests|

Episode 194 – “Ruckus” w/ Adam Hrabik

Adam Hrabik (@ahrabik) returns to explain Christmas, Hancock, some famous Dancing Pumpkin, and his own tweets! Come check it out and click on all the links you can just as quickly as possible. Coming up! 12/9/2016 [...]

October 28th, 2016|Comedians, Explain Yo' Tweet, Featured, Movies and TV, Semi-Award Winning|

Episode 129 – “ATown”

The awesome ladies of A-Town the Series come by to tell us all about writing, filming, and living in the greatest city in the world. @IvyKoehler, @ElenaWeinberg, @MalloryLarson, and @NunleyAsh were incredible and we had [...]