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Episode 230- “JaceyCast”

Jacey David AKA JaceyTV returns and he brought friends! Come have a drink with us and meet (in order of appearance): the owner of FOCI Chris Braddy AKA The Original Def I, Valor Alan, [...]

August 18th, 2017|Music, Semi-Award Winning, Special Guests|

The Foreign Correspondents – “Colombia”

Our good buddies Neil Perleberg and Todd Fitt left the country, but they still make time to check in so we don't worry. Come listen to their first of many reports as The Foreign [...]

Episode 220 – “The Foreign Correspondents”

This week we are extremely excited to introduce Todd Fitt and Neil Perleberg, AKA The Foreign Correspondents!!! Come hear them talk about their global vagrancy project, what it means to travel, and how to get out of your [...]

Episode 218 – “Rogue One Sucks” w/ Adam Sweeney

Director, storyteller, and all around awesome dude Adam Sweeney stops by the podcast to talk about his awesome Nickelodeon documentary, The Orange Years! Come listen to his journey finding the fans, actors, and studio greats that [...]

May 25th, 2017|Movies and TV, Special Guests, The Best Podcast Ever|

Episode 217- “Zune Guy” w/Eric Nagurney and Tanya Nascimento

Eric Nagurney is BACK (baby) and he introduces us to the very funny Tanya Nascimento! Together we talk the death of the Zune, North Carolina BBQ, comedy festivals, Rival Schools, Canadian Rap, sad manga, and [...]