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Episode 3 is here, so put your thinking caps on!

This week, very special guests Mike “blehman” Hagar and “Mike’s Girlfriend” drive down from Dallas, TX to talk about the Olympics, Tractor Villains, DinoSharks, and Chick-Fil-A (did you hear that they aren’t open on Sundays)?

Please have a listen!

00:24 – Segment 1
01:23 – Welcome Mike and Mike’s Girl! 
03:00 – “Fighting drug policy with a tractor” 
04:54 – Chick-Fil-A: Can we talk about serious issues again? 
14:58 – Dylan hates horses
16:05 – Break
16:21 – Segment 2 & Shark Week on SyFy 
23:28 – George Clooney, we know you’re listening. 
24:15 – Kerbey Lane Makes Food for Prisoners 
25:04 – What’s happening with the Freepers (and shots)? 
31:27 – John Hamm, we know you’re listening.
37:06 – Break
37:38 – Last Segment and toasts (Mike and Mike’s Girl)

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Champion Sound feat. BamboomBox

Andrew WK – Long Live the Party
Ronnie Hudson – West Coast Poplock