Explain Your Tweet

//Explain Your Tweet

Episode 184 – “Disney Beer” w/ Vanessa Gonzalez

The extremely funny Vanessa Gonzalez comes by the show to talk teaching, days off, Kia break ins, and tickle fetish movies. Adam just can't wait, so you shouldn't either! She was a blast so go check [...]

Episode 169 – “Cockjail” w/Sara June

Comedian and PRODUCER, Sara June, comes on back to the show to discuss placentas, the Shrek Musical, SXSW tourists, and answer REALLY EASY QUESTIONS! Upcoming Shows: March 19, at The New Movement Theater: Liar [...]

Episode 164 – “Bellini Blastin” w/ Martin Urbano

Martin Urbano comes back to the show to talk comedy, tweets, and Taco Bell. He's simply the best, you should check it out. THE DAMN, DIRTY, FILTHY SHOW! Every 3rd Saturday of the month [...]

Episode 156 – “Problematic” w/ Mike MacRae

Comedian and impressionist Mike MacRae stops by the show to discuss that scumbag Heathcliff the cat, how the media over-sexualizes everything, and to remind Travis that "markers" was the word he was looking for. Come check [...]

Episode 140 – Day Drinking w/ Brent Peasley

Brent comes by to help prove my mom wrong, question the sanity of of musical instruments, and explain some damn tweets! Come check it out! Webs, Twitters and places where you can find Brent: PeasleyComedy.com @peasleycomedy Hosting [...]