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Episode 245 – “Harry Potter”

Harry Potter is far more fun than Trump, where are the Shitholes, David Letterman's new show, more damn Star Wars, and who would direct "2018". Have a question? E-mail us at questions@drunkcastlive.com, or call [...]

January 25th, 2018|Movies and TV|

Episode 93 – “Dothraki Naturally Speaking”

[icons style="undefined" size="fa-1x" color="01749F" icon="fa-microphone"]   Episode 93 - "Dothraki Naturally Speaking"     01:01:00 [icons style="undefined" size="fa-1x" color="01749F" icon="fa-clock-o"] The crew talks Obama v. Austin BBQ, the official Sharknado II trailer, George R.R. Martin's promise, and [...]